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See if Tongue-Tie Treatment Is
Right for Your Child

If your child has difficulty latching on during nursing, makes clicking sounds while feeding, or has trouble gaining weight, they are showing signs of a tongue-tie. When the band of tissue under their tongue is too tight, it restricts movement, making breastfeeding more difficult. Our simple laser procedure can loosen your child’s tongue-tie in Norfolk, NE and put a stop to these problems. Schedule a free consultation now!

What Is a

A tongue-tie is when the lingual frenulum, the band of tissue under the tongue, is too short and ties the tongue down to the floor of the mouth. Not only can this cause issues with breastfeeding, but it may lead to future oral development problems. Your older child may struggle with making certain letters and vowels, become picky about certain foods, and experience an increased risk of tooth decay or gum disease.

While not everyone needs their tongue-tie released, seeing us for a no-cost consultation will confirm if a laser procedure will benefit your child.

Laser Dentistry Makes
This Procedure Easy

We make it a simple process to loosen your child’s tongue-tie. Our laser technology will gently release the band of tissue under their tongue and give your child’s tongue freedom of movement. Because we use a laser, there is little if any bleeding and your child will experiences minimal discomfort. They will heal quickly following treatment. They can even start nursing right away!

Benefits of a
Tongue-Tie Procedure

When treatment is complete, your child will be able to nurse comfortably without difficulty and receive proper nutrition. Your child also may be less colicky and have less gas or acid reflux. If they are a bit older, they will have an easier time eating certain foods and speak more clearly.

As a nursing mother, you may have felt discouraged if you experienced difficulty breastfeeding. After this procedure, you can expect a much more comfortable experience – for both you and your child. This will improve the bond with your baby and increase your milk production. Plus, you’ll no longer experience pain during nursing.

Symptoms of a Tongue-Tie

There are a few common signs of a tongue-tie for you to pay attention to in your child and during breastfeeding. If you notice any of these symptoms, visit us for a free consultation. We’ll find out if your child needs a tongue-tie procedure, which is also called a frenectomy.

In your infant/child:

  • Doesn’t latch on well during feedings
  • Poor suction and/or chewing while nursing
  • Low weight gain or weight loss
  • Limited movement of the tongue
  • High incidence of gas or acid reflux

In the mother:

  • Sore or cracked nipples
  • Pain during and after breastfeeding
  • Low milk production
  • Mastitis or inflammation of the breast

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Frequently Asked Questions
About Tongue-Ties

While some children with tongue-ties don’t experience problems or it even loosens as they get older, a tongue-tie can often lead to future problems if ignored. Not being able to nurse properly can cause malnutrition. As they get older, your child may experience speech problems too.
The reasons for tongue-ties are relatively unknown, although genetics play a role. While it’s most common for infants and young children, it’s been seen in teens and older adults too. Not everyone has issues with a tongue-tie, though, so it may have gone unnoticed.
No. Because we use a laser to release your child’s tongue-tie, it’s a relatively quick and simple procedure with minimal pain. Your infant will likely have little to no awareness of what is going on. If your child is a bit older, we can use kid-friendly sedation through laughing gas to help keep them calm.
Yes, you’ll be able to nurse right away. Your child may need to be retrained how to latch on after the procedure. We can give you stretching exercises you can do with your baby to make this process go smoothly.
No. In fact, a laser is a great way of treating a tongue-tie. Because we don’t use a scalpel or scissors, there is a less discomfort and the healing time is much faster. There is also less risk for infection or other complications.
This all depends on the type of insurance provider you have. Many do not cover this procedure, although it’s difficult to say without knowing information about your plan. We recommend calling your dental insurance provider. Rest assured, though, we do have third-party options through CareCredit to help you afford your child’s care.
If you have noticed persistent issues during breastfeeding or you notice any of the symptoms we’ve mentioned above, you should bring your child in for a consultation. Your dentist will perform an examination and determine if this treatment is right for you and your baby. The longer you wait, the more difficulties your child may have, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.
Yes. Stretching exercises are an important part of the healing process. They need to be performed several times a day for up to six weeks. This strengthens your child’s tongue muscle and improves their tongue’s range of motion.

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