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A smile speaks a thousand words. See how Dr. Langan has been bringing Norfolk smiles to life with compassionate care.

Existing Patients: (402) 371-3991

A New Smile Changes Lives

We announced our “Reason to Smile” contest and received over two hundred applicants. While each entry was unique and deserving, we could only select one. After interviewing the top ten, we selected two winners instead of one!

Watch Dr. Langan give away two complete smile makeovers and change his patients’ lives in the process.

Sheri Loves Her Smile

When Sheri smiled before her makeover, she would purposely keep her mouth shut hiding her missing tooth, uneven spacing, darkened tooth, and other issues. Once Dr. Langan developed the treatment plan which included periodontal scaling to improve bone and gum health, cosmetically-focused orthodontics, a tooth extraction, bone and tissue grafting, a dental implant placement, porcelain veneers, and crowns, Sheri could smile again. What a transformation!

Sheri before and after

Tami Has Confidence

Tami had a ten-year-old ill-fitting partial denture which had caused bone loss and calculus buildup on the remaining teeth. There were missing teeth and broken teeth on the top and bottom. Dr. Langan replaced Tami’s missing and broken teeth using a combination of dentures and implant-retained dentures. The upper arch is a traditional denture with premium cosmetic upgrades and the lower arch is a dental implant-retained overdenture.

Tami Before and After

“My whole life has changed. I can’t thank you enough!“

Existing Patients: (402) 371-3991


Existing Patients (402) 371-3991

New Patients (888) 503-4723

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