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Laser Dentistry

The future of dentistry is here. Our use of lasers make your treatments easier and the healing process faster.

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How Lasers Improve
Your Dental Experience

Many people associate lasers with science fiction movies and tv shows, but it’s increasingly being used in dentistry. We’ve invested in laser dentistry in Norfolk, NE to give you more precise treatments, more comfortable visits, and fewer follow up appointments. With our laser technology, we are minimizing our need to use more traditional methods to address your smile problems. That means less cutting or stitching!

What Is
Laser Dentistry?

Laser stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. It emits a narrow beam that is used to remove infected gum tissue, eliminate bacteria or hardened tartar on the teeth, and offer pain relief with deep tissue therapy.

You’ll find that we use lasers for a variety of treatments you may need at our practice. We use lasers for gum disease treatment, tongue tie proocedures, teeth whitening, TMJ disorders, preparing your teeth for crowns or veneers, and so much more. Find out how you’ll benefit from our use of modern technology by scheduling a free consultation.

Discover the Benefits of Laser Technology

Since lasers damage less of soft tissue, treatments are more precise and there is less bleeding. There is also less of a risk post-procedure infection and your healing time is much faster.

With lasers involved in your dental care, your time in the dental chair is shortened and you avoid uncomfortable cutting or sutures usually necessary for certain treatments. Many patients who struggle with dental anxiety find their appointments are less stressful. Plus, since lasers only have a light pulsing sound, you won’t hear the noisy drill! In fact, some don’t even have a need for sedation any longer. 

New Patients Call
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Existing Patients
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Frequently Asked Questions
About Laser Dentistry

No, you will experience minimized discomfort or pain when we use lasers. In fact, this technology means you avoid cutting or stitching. Your healing time after the procedure is faster and you recover far quicker.
It’s hard to put a price on cost without determining the type of procedure you will need and a full examination of your mouth. However, we have found that patients end up saving money because of our laser treatments. That’s because you have fewer follow up appointments and don’t have as many complications post-procedure.
Absolutely! While some patients don’t have the need for sedation because of how comfortable lasers make treatments, you can still opt for sedation. We have three types of sedation you can choose from depending on your level of anxiety including laughing gas, oral sedation, and IV sedation.
Yes! We use lasers for tongue-tie procedures which is commonly performed on infants and young children. It actually is a better way to perform this treatment, since there is less risk of infection following the procedure and less pain is involved.
Yes! In fact, it’s been approved by the FDA to use in dentistry. One of the more common lasers we use is the Epic X Biolase Diode Laser which received FDA approval in 2020. Your dentist has extensive knowledge and training to use this technology, so you can trust our use of lasers during your appointment.
We think so, yes. With laser dentistry, you’ll have more precise results and a faster visit. You’ll have a less stressful experience for procedures like gum disease treatment. Even simple treatments like cleanings and teeth whitenings are easier. If your child has a tongue-tie, they’ll also have less pain and discomfort and heal quicker post-procedure.
We’ll use lasers to relieve the discomfort of your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. It reaches the inflamed tissue area to offer pain relief and may even improve the range of motion in your jaw. Alongside this treatment method, we may also recommend a nightguard for you to prevent teeth clenching or grinding.
Lasers will whiten your teeth in less time. Plus, the laser is more precise so you have less gum irritatioon as result. However, it can be more expensive than other professional whitening methods. Be sure to schedule a consultation to find out if it’s right for you and your budget.

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“We’ve been patients for several years, and we see him for all of our dental needs. When you have a great smile, you have a lot more confidence, and he’s been able to help all of my children have great smiles. He has some of the best equipment I’ve ever seen. His staff is so welcoming, and he’s been with us every step of the way.” ‑Pat M.

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